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ICS Guest Lecture in conjunction with the SMU, CONAMEU and SINUG joint annual meeting

The ICS will be attending an education course in Mexico in conjunction with SMU, CONAMEU and SINUG. This course will take place between 9-11th June at the Crown Plaza WTC Hotel. ICS will be represented by David Castro Diaz, Ervin Kocjancic and Heather Moky.

The local host for this event is Daniel Garcia Sanchez.

 David Castro Diaz will be presenting the following topics:

  •  How to manage sphincter incompetence

  • Botulin Toxin what is the role now

  • Neuromodulation and neuroestimulation today

  • Hipo active detruser in Male

  • Roundtable on challenging cases with hypoactive detrusor


Ervin Kocjancic will be presenting the following topics:

  •  Clinical urodynamics

  • Surgical complications of SUI procedures

  • Tapes and alternatives in the female SUI

  • Roundtable on challenging cases with hypoactive detrusor


Heather Moky will be presenting the following topics:

  • Physiotherapy in male incontinence

  • Physiotherapy in the treatment of HV


For more information and to register please click here.


For more information please contact Daniel Garcia Sanchez on . Alternatively please contact Jenny at the ICS office or go into our web


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